Pietrzyk Pierogi strives to be a business that employs, feeds, and supports the community it exists in, by creating nutrient dense, ready to eat foods made with love, by people who love where they live and what they do.

We respect the rights of workers and aim to provide a prosperous future for our employees. We know that when people’s basic human needs are met, they are healthier and happier. By paying a livable wage, we create a climate for people to aspire for more in life than just making ends meet. Pietrzyk Pierogi believes in people, that’s why our motto is “Make Pierogi, Eat Love”—because our products are made with care, and we believe you can taste the difference.

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Pietrzyk Pierogi will serve as a model to other small businesses, demonstrating what investing in your community can look like. We know that once established, we will provide stability for employees, reliable partnerships to local vendors, and delicious healthy food to our neighbors.

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Pietrzyk Pierogi will partner with local schools and organizations that support underserved populations; women returning to the workforce, adults with disabilities, and inner city aspiring culinary masters. Pietrzyk Pierogi will open itself to internship and training opportunities with local nonprofits, providing job experiences for people who traditional employers shy away from.

Pietrzyk Pierogi believes in responsible business partnerships with local vendors that ensure a prosperous relationship for the future. We know the only way to succeed, is to elevate those who helped along the way.

Make Pierogi, Eat Love